Sunday, August 11, 2019

Insteon Hub Replacement

I've been using an Insteon home automation system for a couple of years. It has worked fine (at least as well as expected).

Until recently.

One night I noticed that the scheduled events hadn't happened. I tried to use the iOS app to look into it but the app couldn't connect to the hub. That wasn't good.

A quick look into my equipment closet showed that the LED on the hub wasn't on. Now, that's bad.

The obligatory power cycle didn't change that. Off to Google for help.

I came across this post on the Insteon forums. If you're into electronics you can geek out there.

In summary all of the older Insteon hubs fail with a bad capacitor or two. Replacing the failed capacitor(s) make it all well.

But I really wasn't into soldering.

In the first post was an update from Insteon.
If you've come here because your Insteon Hub (2245-222) is unresponsive/dead, we now offer a service to migrate your hub account and device links to a new hub, even if you are out of the 2 year warranty period. Email with your hub account info to and ask for a hub migration. For more information visit this page:
But you know how these things normally go.

Not with Insteon.

I sent the requested information to the specified e-mail. The next day I hadn't heard from them so I called their technical support. The representative who answered the phone was familiar with the situation and quickly found my e-mail. They were already processing it.

If your version is old enough you don't even have to return the old one. Mine was rev 1.4 and didn't have to be returned.

Insteon has your configuration so they pre-configured the new Hub. When I received the new one, I just plugged it in and no re-configuration was required. Even my Amazon Echo integration was undisturbed.

It was 4 days from failure to receipt of replacement.

Insteon was over-the-top helpful.

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