Sunday, August 25, 2019

Intel vs. Qualcomm and AMD

I've blogged several times (here and here and here) about the emergence of ARM in the (formerly) Wintel world (known as Windows On ARM - WOA).

The last time I said "It's coming faster than even I expected."

It's here.

In August 2019 Samsung announced their Galaxy Book S running Windows 10 with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8cx chip. It's on a 7nm die.

For Pete's sake, Microsoft's CEO was on stage at Samsung's announcement.

AMD's latest Ryzen CPUs are on a 7nm die and are announced to ship in Q3 2019.

In June 2019 Intel began making their 10-series processors using 10nm die but won't be up to volume shipments until "sometime at the end of the year and early 2020."

Then in August 2019 Intel announced more 10-series processors built on its 14nm process technology

Intel is at least a generation behind.

And in July 2019 Intel announced that they were selling their modem business to Apple.

Probably won't be seeing these much longer.

Do you sense that Intel is circling the drain?

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