Sunday, October 25, 2020

Remote File Manager for iOS

I still wrestle with how to backup photos from my iOS devices. In a recent post, I discussed how I use OneDrive for daily backup.

But sometimes you want to backup photos en masse.

The best thing I've found is Remote File Manager from Jane Zhang.

While Remote File Manager is not for the novice, it is an extraordinarily capable app.

I use it to copy photos from my iOS devices to my NAS storage, e.g. Drobo.

Click on the +.

And chose to create a new network connection.

Notice you can also specify various cloud services.

Select the NAS device.

Navigate to the destination folder you want.

Click on "Edit" then "Upload".

Pick the Photo Library on the iOS device and then the album you want.

Select the pictures you want and then click on "Save".

Sit back and watch.

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