Sunday, October 11, 2020

WFH Risks

This pandemic has popularized a new acronym - WFH - Work From Home.

That scares me. I worry that WFH security is not what it should be.

IBM published a Work From Home Study. Here are their Key Points:

  1. 93% of those newly working from home are confident in their company’s ability to keep personal identifiable information (PII) secure while working remotely, yet 52% are using their personal laptops for work – often with no new tools to secure it, and 45% haven’t received any new training.
  2. More than half have yet to be given any new security policies on how to securely work from home, leaving 47% concerned about impending cybersecurity risks
  3. 53% of employees are using their personal laptops and computers for business operations while WFH, however 61% also say their employer hasn't provided tools to properly secure those devices.
  4. More than half have not been provided with new guidelines on how to handle PII while working from home, despite more than 42% newly being required to do so as consumers lean on customer service representatives for a variety of services. 
  5. 66% have not been provided with new password management guidelines, which could be why 35% are still reusing passwords for business accounts.


WFH scares me to death. What does this look like in another year?

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